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THE NRECA-U.S. TRIPSan Diego, California as labeled to be the “finest city in the U.S.” was the site of the 70th National Rural Electric Cooperatives Association (NRECA) Convention and Annual Meeting which was attended by CEO Gregory A. Dukil last March 2-8, 2012 together with representatives from the NEA and other electric cooperatives in our country. This convention became a special moment in the history of cooperatives throughout the world because it coincided by the United Nation’s declaration of the year 2012 as the “International Year of Cooperatives”. CEO Dukil’s trip to the U.S. was acceptance of an invitation sent by the NRECA for him and HR Executive Mary Ann G. Santos to attend the convention which would also feature the DORECO’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program during the scheduled International Luncheon during the third day of said activity. It was indeed an honor for the DORECO since its CSR program was the first to be shown in the film presentation witnessed by around One Thousand (1,000) delegates at the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel. The total attendees to the said convention reached as high as Nine Thousand (9,000) delegates which was held most of the time at the huge and modern San Diego Convention center fronting the scenic San Diego bay. Delegates from the Philippines numbered around seventy-seven (77) and was headed by NEA Administrator Edita S. Bueno who was also one of the main speakers during the International Luncheon.CEO Dukil maximized his U.S. trip by visiting some areas right after the convention particularly in California and the State of Nevada, the site of the renowned Hoover Dam Hydroelectric Power Plant. The CEO’s purpose was not only to see the beautiful places but also to learn more about the country’s rise to greatness and modernization and as to why it’s being called as the “Land of Abundance and Opportunity” including the answers to the enigmatic chase by most people of the elusive “American Dream”.After staying for almost one (1) month in the U.S., and after traveling around four thousand (4,000) kilometers by land, CEO Dukil observed that although the U.S. is an amazing country, the Philippines is relatively fortunate in terms of the proportion of livable areas. Our country, although just almost similar in size as compared to the state of California, has a land area which is livable the whole year round. In the US, there are vast tracks of barren land like deserts and snows capped mountains, although pleasing for sightseeing, but are uninhabitable due to their extreme cold weather. It would appear that there are actually no secrets to the success of the U.S. Like us, they had the same basic learning, like hardwork, fair dealings and perseverance. On the contrary, we struggle in applying what we were taught, while they religiously did the teachings and values imparted to them by their forefathers. The future and welfare of their next generation had always been a priority to them. They lived and worked hard to improve in their methods while simultaneously preserving their environment. For us, we always rationalize our wasting and destruction of our resources on the guise of attaining progress and development but in reality the prime motivation was merely the greed of some. Why is our country left behind when most of our countrymen in the U.S. are equally hardworking and competent as compared with their citizens? The answers could just be summarized into three (3) important values where we need to take a serious look into. These are the love of country, conscientiousness, and prudence. We had our chances during the past of becoming a great nation but we had just let those opportunities slip away. Maybe this time we should have learned our lesson and if possible, do a dramatic turnaround for us just to catch up even at first with our own neighboring countries here in the Southeast Asia. After which and perhaps in the future, because of our talent and adaptability as a nation, we could be a great country once again. On the other hand, for the DORECO, CEO Dukil also learned in one of the educational forums during the convention, that despite the U.S. cooperatives’ advancement in technology, their priority is still in the quality of their organization and the process in application of said technology. Their motto was “Security first before technology”. What they meant by security is that the organization of the company which are mainly composed of the officers and employees must be built first on the solid foundation of honesty, competence and productivity. That is to secure first the organization to be ready and capable before going into technology.


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