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Energy & Safety Tips

Energy Conservation Tips

•LIGHTING Turn off unnecessary lights

•IRONING Do all the ironing at one time.

•COOKING Have all ingredients ready when cooking to avoid frequent switching and off of the electric stove.

•REFRIGERATOR/FREEZER Choose a refrigerator model suited to your family needs

•TV VIEWING Switch off the set when no one is watching. Unplug it when a transformer is used.

•AIRCONDITIONING Make sure that the thermostat is working efficiently. Keep the thermostat setting not lower than 23.9 C.

•ELECTRIC FAN Turn off fan when not in use.

•DEEP WELL PUMPS Limit the use of automatic electric pumps


•Avoid”octopus” connection.•Don’t handle a connected plug or light switch with wet hands or when standing on a wet surface.•Never leave an electric iron turned on for some time and forgetting all it. This is often the cause of fire.•Never allow children to prove into electrical outlets.•Use wall outlets, not lamp sockets, for connecting appliances.•In case of electrical fire, unplug appliance if possible or turn off main switch, and use applicable fire extinguisher. •Be sure to use electrical wires that are correctly sized.•Don’t try to be your own “electrician”. Have a licensed electrician do your wiring and repairs.•Keep combustible materials (clothing,curtains, papers) away from lamp bulbs or heating devices.•Do not string cords around nails,pipes, not place them where they will get tripped over or get excessive wear(under rugs, through doorways;near chair rockers).


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