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best practices


The DORECO have gained the trust,confidence,support and friendship of Big rivers Electric Corporation with the NRECA and the Rural Electrification Development Foundation (REDF). The DORECO will be taking off its water systeme project for the Muslim community in coordination with the provincial leadership of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). A housewiring loan program was also launched to provide electricity to depressed areas(Magum,Macambol,Mati,Davao Oriental) and livelihood projects will be given to identified REDF recipients(motorboat) being sperheaded by the DORECO and funded by REDF. An icemaker was already received by the BAPA Pundaguitan as a livelihood project for the organization.The active organization of the DORECO Philippine Army Affiliated Reserve Unit (PAARU) of which the DORECO employees are the members. To instill the culture of discipline, male and female employees are well trained in shooting proficiency to prepare them in protecting and defending the coop's safety.The DORECO believes in the importance of strengthening every employee's relationship with God. It is manifested through our celebration of mass every first Friday of the month in the DORECO headquarters. Birthday celebrants for the particular month are given importance and tribute.We also give great importance on the constant renewal of vow of every employee for solidarity.

MAJOR INNOVATIONS AND BEST PRACTICES OF THE DORECO IN THE YEAR 2012A. DORECO as an International Model of the Impact of the EC’s Care and Concern to its Rural Consumers Aside from Providing Electric Service. The 70th NRECA Convention was held on March 2-8, 2012 at San Diego, California, USA. It was an honor for the DORECO considering that during the elegantly prepared International Luncheon, the DORECO’s CSR program was the first to be shown in the film presentation prepared by NRECA International and witnessed by around 1,000 attending delegates at the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel. Several CSR projects such as motorized boat livelihood assistance and house wiring loan assistance had given good impressions to the delegates during that event. A copy of the said presentation is hereto attached. NEA Administrator Edita S. Bueno was also one of the speakers during he said activity held on the second day of the NRECA Convention. The DORECO’s experience was a success story which impressed the NRECA International Foundation due to the impact of electricity to the lives of the people in the remote villages.B. Federation of MSEAC Organizations within the Province of Davao Oriental Aside from organizing and developing the various MSEAC to be active partners with the DORECO, the management initiated the organization of the Federated MSEAC to further strengthen these groups in support of the EC’s present and future programs. The new MSEAC Federation elected its new set of officers picked from the best personalities among the various MSEACs. This innovation was done during the year 2012 since the DORECO recognizes the need of strong sectoral representation and support for various EC activities. Today, the MSEAC consistently hold regular meetings with management and board participation making them very much aware of issues and concerns.C. Assistance to DANECO It is a well known fact that last year, the DANECO had suffered its worst moment in history after it was ganged up and taken over by hostile CDA inspired groups and advocates which almost led to its downfall. With the NEA at the helm, the DORECO together with DASURECO, without any hesitation, despite the volatile and dangerous situation, extended assistance to the DANECO just to mitigate the serious consequences as a result of the said takeover. On the part of the DORECO, the DANECO situation if not neutralized, would further lead to a chain reaction especially to good performing ECs, hence the management immediately provided financial and other form assistance to the NEA-controlled DANECO management. Said gesture likewise inspired the majority of the DANECO organization and motivated them to hold on to their jobs despite the threats and machinations of the opposing group. The DORECO has also provided a vehicle with a driver to assist the NEA designated PS and his assistants to keep them safe due to violent tendencies of some individuals to pursue their ill-conceived motives towards the DANECO. D. DORECO’s Organized and Immediate Systematic Response in the Aftermath of Super Typhoon Pablo What happened to the DORECO after it was hit by super typhoon Pablo was a destruction of catastrophic proportion similar to the World War II annihilation of the two cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan after the U.S. dropped the most powerful nuclear bomb during that era. In the coastal towns of Baganga, Cateel and Boston, the disaster had taken the three most important aspect of survival from the people living in the said areas: 1.) Infrastructure 2.) Agriculture 3.) Livelihood. Aside from the massive destruction of distribution lines and the two (2) substations, a total of sixty (60) employees completely lost their homes but not their will to survive and move on with their lives due to DORECO organization’s concern and immediate systematic response in assisting them and the other victims of the said tragic calamity. His Excellency, Pres. Aquino, during a visit to the affected areas, made a commitment to the people that power will be restored before Christmas Eve although this was nearly impossible to fulfill due to the massive destruction, weather conditions and the lack of time. With the help of the NEA along with the various volunteers of the Task Force Kapatid-Pablo from other ECs, the President have honored his commitment as the DORECO was able to bring back electricity as promised before the deadline. Such accomplishment was featured nationwide on TV (Bandila & TV Patrol) and brought impressions to the nation that the NEA and the ECs are the epitome of unity, hardwork and efficiency even eclipsing the performance of the well-financed NGCP who also did a commendable job in bringing back electric service to the affected municipalities.E. DORECO Assures Davao Oriental’s Future Energy NeedsAlthough the DORECO is a member of the AMRECO-PSAG Corp. that is underway in seeking a better term in the aggregation of power, the DORECO left no stone unturned by being the first EC to sign a 25 year contract with the Aboitiz owned Therma South Inc. (TSI) coal fired power plant for the assurance of its future energy requirement due to the deteriorating Mindanao power situation. This was the product of the prudent management practice of the DORECO since most of the people in the area coverage prefer to pay electricity at a higher cost than completely suffer from long and frequent power interruptions as experienced by other ECs in Mindanao. The DORECO management and the board have long apprised the member-consumers in various forums of the pronouncement of the President himself that the era of cheap electricity has long been gone and the people must brace up for a higher cost of electricity in the coming years or suffer the consequences of having no power at all.F. DORECO’s Effective Stoppage of the CDA Advocates’ Attempt of Destabilization ala-DANECO Even before the turmoil in the DANECO, the DORECO’s nearest neighboring EC, there were already several attempts made by some quarters to exert pressure for the DORECO to be unilaterally converted to a CDA controlled stock cooperative. There were already repeated demands for conversion through a referendum. It is a well known fact that some ECs in Mindanao gave way and opted to a very costly and unnecessary referendum at the whims and caprices of CDA advocates and unscrupulous individuals whose motives are highly suspicious. Operations of ECs who have undergone referendums were obviously disrupted as the EC organization campaigned so hard day and night just to win in the referendum. In the case of the DORECO, the management was able to stop the attempt by the CDA advocates by employing some strategies and effective campaign to finally put an end to their motives by utilizing the MSEAC members. During the July 2012 AGMA, a resolution was finally approved by the general assembly that virtually dishonor any move to convert the DORECO or change its existing structure. In the open forum, the DORECO adopted the NRECA style of accommodating questions and concerns, hence, the unruly behavior of the CDA advocates did not materialize and failed to disrupt the proceedings. With this, the DORECO retained is stability and avoided huge costs and anxiety by preventing the conduct of a referendum.G. Other Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs Undertaken in 20121.The DORECO successfully launched its Technical-Vocational Scholarship Grant for 11 deserving students. Through the board of directors who conceptualized the implementation of said program, the recipients of scholarship grant were screened and awarded for school year 2012-2013. 2.The DORECO family continues to support environment protection activities. In 2012 alone, the DORECO family has actively involved in tree-planting activities and has partnered with Aboitiz Power Corp. and Kubo sa Dahican, in its first Coastal Clean-up held last October 20, 2012 in the shorelines of Dahican, Mati City, Davao Oriental and also actively took part in the International Clean-up Day in September 15, 2013.3.Since mid of 2009, the DORECO successfully extended life insurance coverage to all its residential member-consumers. It has partnered previously with the PNB Insurance Company and now with MAA Assurance Corp. to provide the required services for insurance coverage. 4.Donation of already 65 units surplus computers to elementary schools, secondary schools and even to some institutions within the province of Davao Oriental. 5.In June 24, 2012, conflagration ravaged one major street (Nazareno Street, Brgy. Central) in the City of Mati City, Davao Oriental. The DORECO was one of the first organizations that have provided relief goods for all the fire victims through its association and voluntary contributions. 6.In partnership with REDF, already extended housewiring materials loan to 1,800 recipients. The DORECO had not just provided electricity to villages but to the homes of the marginalized sectors of our community. 7.Extended livelihood loan to more than 50 recipients in the coastal villages in Mati City, Davao Oriental. It was the idea of providing an opportunity for fishermen to improve the technology in fishing using their honed skills that inspired us to probe on ways how we can be of better assistance.8.Maintaining its confidence from local leaders, the DORECO was designated by District II Representative-Congw. Thelma Z. Almario as Park Administrator of Brgy. Sainz Family Tree Park. 9.Together with other organizations like the Rural Electrification Development Foundation (REDF), the National Grid Corp. of the Philippines (NGCP), the Aboitiz Power Corp. (APC), the DORECO was one of the first non-government organizations which was able to distribute relief goods, hygiene kits and medicines to member-consumers in barangays and sitios adversely shattered by super typhoon “Pablo” which were not yet provided with needed assistance from the government.10.Provided Tanod Support and Disaster Preparedness Assistance to three barangays in Davao Oriental in Partnership with Aboitiz Power Corp. the barangays are: Brgy. Sainz, Mati City, Brgy. Pintatagan, Banaybanay, Brgy. San Ignacio, Manay, Davao Oriental.11.For eight (8) consecutive years already, the DORECO employees recognize gratitude for the strong leadership and for the friendship shared by our Chief Executive Officer (CEO). During his birthday in October 29, 2012, all employees voluntarily contribute a certain amount for an outreach program. In 2012, a feeding program for all children in Badas Elementary School, Brgy. Badas, Mati City, Davao Oriental was initiated to make our CEO’s birthday more meaningful. 12.The DORECO continues to build and strengthen strong partnership with Rural Electrification Development Foundation (REDF) through its Pres. Travis D. Housley and its Vice-President Gil B. Medina and with other organizations to provide value-added services to its member-consumers. ENGR. GREGORY A. DUKILChief Executive Officer


Davao Oriental Electric Cooperative, Inc.

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